Домой Анонсы и новости Microsoft добавит чат-бот на базе GPT-4 в Word и Excel

Microsoft добавит чат-бот на базе GPT-4 в Word и Excel


Microsoft добавит чат-бот на базе GPT-4 в Word и Excel

Microsoft продолжает глубже интегрировать языковую модель ChatGPT в свои сервисы.

Сейчас стало известно, что компания добавит ChatGPT-4 в Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook и Word. Помощник Copilot сможет генерировать целые документы, электронные письма и презентации.

Microsoft уже тестирует технологию в 20 компаниях, включая 8 организаций из ТОП-500 The technology will debut in the coming months, and Microsoft is already testing it with 20 companies, including eight in the Fortune 500 that it declined to name.

«This is the big next step for us — to put it in the tools everybody uses every day for their work,» Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella said in an interview. The new technology will help people create «great content, great documents, great PowerPoints, art,» he said, as well as do sophisticated analysis using natural language queries.

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Microsoft is integrating the technology behind ChatGPT into its Office apps.Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg
The move is part of a stampede of companies adding AI chatbot features to their technology. OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has fueled much of the frenzy with its ChatGPT tool, which went viral in recent months and demonstrated the power — and potential pitfalls — of chatbot technology. The startup just unveiled GPT-4, the latest iteration of the underlying software, earlier this week.

Microsoft has already been using the system in its Bing search preview for several weeks. After several reports that the included chatbot was generating freewheeling conversations that some found strange or belligerent, the company began restricting its responses.

Microsoft, which is investing more than $10 billion in OpenAI, also has released Copilot software for sales and customer applications, as well as a product from its GitHub unit for writing programming code. And its biggest rival in office software, Alphabet Inc.«s Google, announced its own plans this week to use AI tools for things like creating presentations, taking notes during meetings and drafting emails.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, meanwhile, said on Wednesday that it will use OpenAI«s language technology to help users create a more compelling profile on the professional networking site. . Однако достоверно неизвестно, в каких именно.

Нововведение станет доступно всем в ближайшие месяцы. [Bloomberg]


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